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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Israel's Albatross

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“If you’re going to start a pro-Israel group, nothing beats a shout-out from the mullahs [i.e., a condemnation by I'madinnerjacket]. It does cement one’s bona fides as a genuinely pro-Israel group committed to its defense against an existential threat from Iran […] But there are a lot of American Jews not happy with Obama’s Israel policy. The idea that such people might become engaged in a debate about what it means to be "pro-Israel" and begin to focus on the voting records of candidates (not just their self-descriptions) seems to be making the mullahs very unhappy.” [emphasis and comment added]
— JENNIFER RUBIN - 07.21.2010 - Commentary
While Obama persists in revisiting that disreputable Chamberlain-esque foreign policy of His, Israel must factor-in the additional degree of difficulty His appeasement of the mullahs effects. Obama's seemingly fanatical pursuit of failed policy, never doubting His own "infallibility" ("This time, regardless of past failures, it will surely work, because I Am The Won!"), is the Israel-strangling albatross.

"Damn the polls! Follow that Chamberlain!"       h/t Theo

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