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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MacArthur II

Generals MacArthur and McChrystal                  h/t Theo
General McChrystal has committed the one unpardonable act for any American military commander whose name is not George Washington — public humiliation of the sitting President, his Commander-in-Chief. Not even the great Douglas MacArthur could get away with that, nor should he have.

I, along with millions of others, have not minced words in my contempt for iPOTUS, The Obama Himself. That is my right as a civilian protected by the First Amendment to our Constitution. But our military commanders must acknowledge the primacy of our civilian head of the United States Armed Forces, and they must respect the hierarchical order of the chain of command.

Regardless of what McChrystal may think privately of the inadequacies of iPOTUS (the man and the myth), he must keep his opinions to himself for as long as he is on active duty. Respect for the Office of the President demands it.

As a result, McChrystal must submit his resignation. Those are the rules of engagement, most especially for theater commanders.

Meanwhile, in other news from Rolling Stone ragazine, there's this:

Lady Gaga has guns too!

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