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Monday, June 21, 2010

A gangster with friends?

Rahm "It Up Your Ass" Emanuel and iPOTUS
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“Rahm Emanuel just can't take it anymore. […] This year he battled Republicans on health care reform, watched the President's approval ratings plunge, and found himself embroiled in controversy when the Wall Street Journal reported that he had called a liberal group 'retarded' in a closed-door meeting, prompting Sarah Palin and other conservatives to call for his resignation. […] According to the Telegraph's sources, Emanuel has told friends he is "very sensitive to the idea that he is not a good father for having done this," and that privately he has expressed a desire to run for Mayor of Chicago, his home town.” [emphasis added]
— BY MEENA HARTENSTEIN, June 20th 2010

Good riddance to bad rubbish! Mayor of Chicorrupto is the job he was born and bred for.

This self-loathing gangster from Gangster Town, who promulgated the infamous “Never let a serious crisis go to waste” operating principle, has done nothing to reign-in his Chief's wrecking-ball demolition of the American way of life. On the contrary, he has encouraged iPOTUS at every step of His random-walk, as He tramples America's principles, traditions, and values. As if iPOTUS needs any encouragement ...

I've heard it said that "there's honor among thieves". But "gangster friends" is a new one on me.
iPOTUS: I, President of the United States

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