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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Children Playing with Matches

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“Fires, burns and property damage associated with children playing with matches are common events in the United States and a number of programs and procedures have been developed to try to control this problem. […] Children are at high risk for burn injuries largely due to their own experimentation with matches and fire. Since children have difficulty appreciating the use of matches as a tool, they most often will misuse them. Children need to understand that big fires start small. They need to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate use of matches and lighters. They also need to understand the risks and dangers associated with their use.”
— City of Phoenix Official Web Site

Our Playful President             h/t Theo

Children playing with matches have been responsible for innumerable catastrophes. Sometimes, children survive their childish experimentation, but with their childish inclinations intact. They grow up without maturing. We call such children liberals.

Liberals are extremely dangerous children. They appear to be, in most cases, no different from other adults, but when you strike up a conversation with them, their childish beliefs come rushing out like flame from a thrower. And, of course, they have easy access to matches, credit, and voting.

Inevitably, one of their own emerges as a Presidential candidate and lights the fire for all the others. He is perfect in the flame of their liberal vision: he is young; he is handsome; he is articulate; he is passionate; he has childish aspirations to cure humanity of all that ails it. And to top it off, he is a self-proclaimed master of community organization. Liberal nirvana sets in.

In due course, this liberal Messiah starts playing with big matches — trillions of dollars of other people's money; a nation's health-care system; the world's economy; regional wars ... ever mindful of his access to the really big matches — the nuclear stockpile.

What could possibly go wrong?

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