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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Perhaps ...

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“Current American relations with our once-staunch ally Israel are at their lowest ebb in the last 50 years. […] These tensions follow the Obama administration's new outreach to the Muslim world. […] Lost in all this reset-button diplomacy is introspection on why past American presidents sought to support Israel in the first place. We seem to forget why no-nonsense Harry Truman, against worldwide opposition, ensured the original creation of the Jewish state -- or why more than 60 percent of Americans in most polls continue to side with Israel in its struggle to survive. In contrast, most of the rest of the world does the math and concludes Israel is a bad investment. It has no oil; its enemies possess nearly half the world's reserves. There is no downside in criticizing Israel, but censuring some of its radical Arab neighbors might prompt anything from an oil embargo to a terrorist response. […] According to the academic cult of multiculturalism, it is fashionable to see pro-American, democratic and capitalist Israel as a symbol of a pernicious Western culture of oppression; its enemies are seen as underdog liberationists. […] Holocaust denial is still a staple in intellectual circles of the Middle East, and serially embraced by the Iranian government. Fashionable anti-Israeli sentiment is de rigueur in European elite society. […] Yet if we are seen as neutral, just watch the rest of the world get the message and start piling on. Anti-Jewish terrorism will gear up again. Frontline entities like Hezbollah, Syria and Iran will ready their missiles without worry of American anger. Iran will assume we are resigned to its acquisition of the bomb. And the UN will again begin providing cover by issuing its pro forma denunciations of Israel, counting on a newly diffident United States to vote ‘present’. Perhaps the Obama administration genuinely believes that by pressuring Israel and reaching out to its enemies, it can at last achieve peace. Perhaps a few key figures in this administration simply do not like or trust the Jewish state -- support for which now polls only 48 percent among Democratic voters (versus 85 percent among Republicans).” [emphasis added]
— Victor Davis Hanson, April 22, 2010 (Townhall)
  • Perhaps The Obama Himself is simply throwing under the bus the inconvenience of traditional American support for Israel, as He has done with many other inconveniences for His leftist agenda.
  • Perhaps The Obama Himself is a Jew-hater, as some of His longterm associates are, as well as millions of others globally who thirst for another Holocaust.
  • Perhaps a few key figures in this administration are self-loathing Jews.
  • Perhaps there are millions of other self-loathing Jewish Americans.
  • Perhaps there are millions of Jewish Americans who can not comprehend that their beloved progressive-liberal movement has moved way beyond what was once wholesome support for liberty, equality, and fraternity, to perfidy, equality of results, and politically-correct diversity.
  • Perhaps there are millions more who simply can't extricate their heads from their leftist-liberal excrement-extruding orifices.
  • Perhaps ...
Time, however much of it remains, will tell.

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