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Friday, April 23, 2010

Everyman's Wisdom: Fame, loathing, and gross stupidity

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“I have come across several articles by the American playwright Arthur Miller in which he sets out to denounce Stalin's purges and Brezhnev's invasion of Czechoslovakia but ends up denouncing America. Living in America, Arthur Miller wrote all the plays he wanted to write, had them produced, and was amply rewarded by money and fame. He also managed to have everything his heart desired, including the most fabulous blonde of his day [Marilyn Monroe]. Why then this loathing of America? The only explanation I can think of is that Miller is too self-righteous and self-important to admit the gross stupidity of his Stalinist Commitment. He must go on trying to convince the world that there is not much to choose between Russia and America.” [emphasis added]
— Eric Hoffer (February 3, 1975)
“I lost my heart to this man. Eric Hoffer was Everyman.”
— Eric Sevareid
Eric Hoffer oozed pearls of wisdom, whereas other men merely sweat.

In Hoffer's analysis of Arthur Miller's self importance (and possibly his self loathing), Hoffer may have explained the baffling behavior of Jewish-American liberals, and to some extent liberals in general, vis-à-vis stubbornly sticking to their guns and religiously clinging to The Obama Himself.

I think it is quite possible that Jewish Americans are by and large too self-righteous and self-important to admit the gross stupidity of their Camelot-like romance with that smooth-talking promise-them-anything Snake-Oil-Salesman-in-Chief of the United States (SOSICOTUS).

One of the most difficult things for the self-righteous and the self-important among us is to admit being wrong. The other, of course, is to apologize for it.

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