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Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad — Worse — Worst

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Stephen Poliakoff, the prince of TV drama, has made his first film in 20 years - about the British aristocrats who were happy to make peace with Hitler. He talks to Nigel Farndale

“This conversation took place last year. We talked again on the phone last week, mostly about appeasement and anti-Semitism. ‘It was a close-run thing. There was a small band of young Tory politicians who were anti-appeasement and they were menaced by the Whips. The aristocracy, meanwhile, was largely anti-Semitic. I wanted to look at these events as a Jew’. Was anti-Semitism behind appeasement? ‘There was deep anti-Semitism among the upper classes. The diaries of Evelyn Waugh and Harold Nicolson give a sense of how venomous the aristocracy was. The Duke of Wellington on the day war broke out was quoted as saying: ‘It's all the fault of the anti-appeasers and the f*cking Jews’. Does he think there is still anti-Semitism in this country? ‘Clearly, anti-Semitism will always be around. Because we had our heroic time standing up alone to fascism we haven't had to confront what went on just before the war. In 1939 and 1940, Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, came within an inch of doing a deal with Hitler. If he had become prime minister then Britain would have become a puppet state to Germany and I probably wouldn't be here talking to you today’.”
— By Nigel Farndale, Published: 15 Nov 2009 (
Farndale asking if there is still anti-Semitism in Britain was either very naive or, what is much more likely, a reporter's leading question. For it is quite obvious to anyone who reads that it not only remains in Britain and elsewhere but is thriving virulently festering. And this cyclically erupting epidemic is once again accelerated by that craven universal shrug.

This, I submit, is a bad thing. What is worse, however, is that one of the dominant demographics, on a per capita basis, comprising that malignant indifference is the Jewish community within the Western democracies. The single exception, of course, is Israel, which thus far has not demonstrated a mass suicidal tendency.

But worst of all are those Jews who persist in personal appeasement. They tell themselves that they are merely venturing along that high-road of holier-than-thou ethical standards, that damnable loser's strategy of appealing to the noble virtues of an ignoble dog-eat-dog world.

As the common Southern US expression goes, "That dog won't hunt." That "high road" leads to the ovens.

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