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Saturday, November 14, 2009

§ Two Strikes You're Out: The "Dodd" Rule

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§ ≡ One of an ongoing series of posts in which I promulgate, in my not-so-humble opinion, sensible rules for a society gone mad. Feel free to offer constructive dissenting opinions. But be advised: if your opinions aren't sensible, it's two strikes for you, and you're out of the gene pool. No exceptions.

If I only had some charisma I could rule this world-gone-mad at least as well as any community organizer. Quite possibly better. At least my legal system would be transparent, simple, and swift: if you are a stupid f*ck and do something that doesn't make any sense, your first offense earns you a reasonable penalty that fits your transgression. Your second offense earns you a one-way ticket out of the gene pool. No exceptions.
“I saw what they were bringing home; poetry and shit ...”
— From Dangerous Minds

Rule #7: The "Dodd" Rule
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“Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd (D., Conn.) seeks to create a new agency to supervise all federally chartered financial institutions, taking powers away from the Fed and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., among other agencies. Mr. Dodd's proposal aims to narrow the central bank's purview so it focuses more closely on monetary policy.”
This is the same Christopher Dodd who, along with his counterpart-in-crime-in-the-House Barney Frank single-handedly brought Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to their knees.

I have some questions:
  • Why is this prick the Senate's Banking Committee Chairman? Still?
  • Why is this SOB not in jail?
  • Can someone please explain the meaning of chutzpah?
  • Is this Congress insane?
  • How is it possible that, even in the State of Connecticut, a monstrosity like Dodd can get elected multiple times?
  • Are we all insane?

Penalty for first offense: Kick both Dodd and Frank out of Washington D.C., recognizing that they are two sides of the same wooden nickel.

Penalty for second offense, or whining about the first: A one-way ticket out of the gene pool. No exceptions.

Post #994 § Two Strikes You're Out: The "Dodd" Rule

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