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Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Lunch Is a Zero-sum Game

I know I have often claimed that there is no free lunch. But I am now obliged to clarify that admonition.

Like everything else in the universe, a free-lunch fluctuation can appear in localized/temporary spacetime, but it is always accompanied by its antiparticle consequence. Someone somewhere will sometimes get free lunch; but others (possibly your children or grandchildren) somewhere else at some other time must pay for it. That is a law of nature (and fundamental economics). It is macroscopically analogous to electron-positron pair production.

As a thus-far thriving Western society, we must wean ourselves of the craving for the illusory free lunch. For as sure as god made little green apples, that craving will be our downfall. The socialistic snake oil that entices us with free lunch is, in effect, offering poison mushrooms.

Free lunch is slight-of-hand. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics; it's get-rich-quick-schemes that land you in jail. You've heard it before, but I must say it again (and you can quote me): If it sounds too good to be true — it's false!

People: get a life; strive for more life; and, get a f*cking grip!

This has been a recording. Peace out.

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