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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sex, Brains, and Expressive Jeans

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“More than a third of Y-chromosomal genes appear to be involved in sex-based human brain differentiation. Some of the genetic activity in question is evident in the adult brain, while other of it only appears at earlier stages of brain development. It is yet unknown whether the differences in genetic expression among female and male brains have any functional significance.”
— ‘By Randall Parker at 2009 October 24 11:52 PM’
I'm no cognitive scientist but I do know something about male brains and expressive jeans, most of which I learned during the period of hormonal explosion known as "high school". It's all a bit hazy at this point of my life (having recently attended my 50-year high school reunion), but I do recall some pretty significant functional differences in jean expressions between the genders.

For one thing, the female of the species, especially when wearing tight jeans while going commando, expresses a visual cue, with particular effect on Wednesday, which in America is known as "hump" day, that has a strong (and rapid) effect on the male brains, which by puberty have descended to the nether regions, having some visual jean expression of their own.

Furthermore, ..., er, ..., I forgot what I was going to say ..., (senior moment), ...

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