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Monday, September 7, 2009

Some Liberals Are Monarchical

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“The decision is expected to widen the field of announced candidates for Kennedy's seat. It became vacant Aug. 25, when the senator died of brain cancer at age 77. Three veteran Massachusetts congressmen -- Reps. Michael Capuano, Edward J. Markey and John Tierney -- have said they are considering campaigns but would not run against a member of the Kennedy family. The senator's widow, Vicki, had previously ruled out a campaign.” [emphasis added]
— ‘By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Published: September 7, 2009’
Let's get a couple of things straight from the get-go: I was too young to vote for Jack, but I would have if I had been of voting age. And, I had been planning to vote for Joe II's dad when tragedy struck.

But just because Joe II's grandpa bought Illinois for Joe II's Uncle Jack, it doesn't mean one of the two Massachusetts U.S.-Senate seats belongs to the Kennedy clan in perpetuity, you know?

This is still America, right? Or did I sleep-walk to some other country last November?

Oh well, I guess cuz Caroline will get her Senate seat after all. It's just her rightful inheritance, you know? Her pedigree is stellar, seeing as her dad was POTUS and all. On the other hand, his dad was the front runner when that Arab-nationalist assassin struck him down just after his victory in the California primary. It's a close call. Both brothers/uncles were Presidential. Therefore, both cousins/children must be at least Senatorial.

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