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Monday, November 1, 2010

Stuck in the Middle with Juice

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“Despite the pacifist attitude espoused by many children of Holocaust survivors, despite the anti-war rhetoric spouted by many of the Jewish baby boomers, and despite what for many of us is an innate opposition to war, ultimately it is only the strength of Israel that earns us the respect of our enemies. It is not our intellect, not our Nobel prizes, not our supposed financial acumen. As the Italian-Jewish intellectual Alain Elkann noted, the only antidote to Auschwitz is Israel — and its military might. As such, Israel is fighting not only for itself, but for all Jews. I would argue that by extension, it is fighting for the well-being of the Western world and its values. […] Abiding by one’s political philosophy, values and convictions is a noble way of living — but not when they are coming to chop your head off. At that point, and I believe we are there now, one’s moral and political compass needs to revert to survival mode.” [emphasis added]
— Aryeh Rubin, October 26, 2010 (

The Juice who cling to the ideology of the left are a much better fit for Obama's disparaging remarks about those people who supposedly cling to their bibles and guns. At least the latter demographic harbors no delusions about their supposed benefactors.

What the stiff-necked leftists can't seem to comprehend is that Jew-hatred is an equal opportunity hatred. Even some Jews themselves, such as the unlamented Bobby Fischer and Yesam Chumpsky, just to name a couple of execrable examples, have derived diabolical pleasure from such odious exuberance. That's right, bubala, even the political party of FDR and of The Obama Himself is not immune to Jew-hatred. Which political party do you think Jeremiah Wright votes with?

The stiff-necked clinging to leftist ideology stems from a pathological aversion to nuanced cost-benefit analysis, which, presumably, takes too much effort for people who can only digest bumper-sticker portions of political philosophy.

What part of "they are coming to chop your head off" don't you understand?

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