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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Gentler Kind of Evil

Meta-evil is indirect evil that expresses itself surreptitiously as a "greater good". Its destructive power exceeds that of explicit evil because meta-evil subsumes the explicit form.

I know that my loyal readers, who number in the teens at best, have been wondering why my blog has had a plethora of beautiful picture posts and a derth of word posts of late. As my dear and lovely wife remarked, "It has been quite a while since TheBigHenry [she addresses me by my nickname] has unleashed one of his iconic rants".

Well, wonder no more. Though I haven't ranted here lately, it doesn't mean I haven't ranted elsewhere. There is no derth of rant-worthy goings on in this world we live in. But I had decided to take a break from ranting here on my blog because I felt like I was repeating myself and my rants were seemingly falling on deaf ears, and only making me feel even worse about the state of affairs in the world-at-large, and specifically in America, the land that I love. Nevertheless, a man does not live by pictures alone. So I must rant occasionally about issues that concern me.

Leftist ideology is a pandemic evil. I believe that on the order of 100 million lives have been lost in the past century due to the consequences of Leftist policy. That's one million lives per year. I am attributing virtually all wrongful deaths to Leftism, either directly (through the mayhem of war and terrorism enabled by Leftist propaganda) or indirectly (starvation and depredation due to slavery imposed by Stalinist tyrants who have been supported by useful idiots of the Left).

Despite all the mayhem that has resulted, Leftists insist that their way is the righteous way, simply because they mean well, doncha know. According to the Left, it is all for the common good, whereby the common folk take the hits while the Leftist elites enjoy the rewards. Their pretense is that the descendants of today's schmucks will reap the benefits of the elites' policies, but in the meantime you have to break a few (million) eggs in order to make an omelet.

The millions of eggs thus broken are the gullible people, most of whom are just trying to make a life for themselves and their families. No omelet for you, yo.

Did you vote for Obama, yo? How's that hopey-dopey workin' for ya?

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