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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Children should be seen not heard, and I'm not sure about "seen"!

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The improvement of society cannot be left to children.
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“[W]hat accounts for the dogged and pernicious investment in so obviously defective a formula for human improvement, despite the harsh lessons of that most severe of pedagogues, Reality? […] With the obvious exception of the schemers and defalcators who cash in on the political fads of the day and who are “socialists” in nothing but name, the predisposition to the left derives from a tropism of the mind rooted in what we might call the “utopian temperament” — which is to say, in a condition of prolonged infantilism. […] A related element that seems to be at work is the leftist penchant for submission to authority, the callow need for assurance, for the embrace of the family or the presence of the “strongman” acting in loco parentis. […] The same applies to a nonviolent and lower caliber messiah like Obama in whose personal charisma millions of Americans (and Europeans) willingly submerged their identities. […] This deficiency is the case even among the arguably more sophisticated, left-leaning hosts of most TV late shows, where the humor is stale, forced, predictable, and often downright embarrassing. David Letterman and Stephen Colbert are excellent examples of patently unfunny left-liberals. […] What is even more bizarre, it considers itself a “cognitive elite” when it is in actuality an epistemic rabblement, a truant demographic of cortical delinquents and moral charlatans. […] What makes the left tick is a hedonic time bomb, an explosive device located in the coltish longing for pleasurable havoc and subversion in order, presumably, to attain to a condition of unfettered, aggregate freedom. […] Which is only another way of saying that the left must be sent packing before the brats take over the house, crash the car, and vandalize the budget, believing they are establishing the pastoral estate of collective empowerment, freedom from ancestral limitation, and exemption from the rule of necessity.”
— David Solway, October 28, 2010 (
It is virtually impossible to reduce David Solway's superb essay to a mere snippet so as to provide a gateway for my own modest commentary, which I am wont to keep to not much more than a screenful. Hence, I strongly urge my readers to treat themselves to Solway's essay in its eminently-crafted entirety.

For several years I have blogged here while continually chaffing from the gnawing need to understand what I could only describe, heretofore, as the progressive-ideology perversion. Though I have intuited some of the observations described by Solway, I am greatly relieved to have my intuition confirmed by such a convincing and authoritative humanist/essayist as David Solway.

Henceforth, I will address my posts to a more restricted audience than I had done before. I am now convinced that those age-inappropriate children who persist in masquerading as adults, those who classify themselves as some flavor of "leftist liberals", are beyond hope and beyond change. They are mired in arrested development for a variety of reasons that do not concern me.

The leftist liberals remind me of the stiff-necked Israelites whom Moses rescued from Egyptian slavery, only to realize that he had to give up on any hope of teaching them new tricks. That is why Moses lead them around the barren Sinai for 40 years. He had to entrust the future to his charges' descendants who would have a fighting chance to discover the errors of their ancestors.

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