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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Redundant Redundancy

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“Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said it was uncertain when the oil, spewing from a pipe nearly a mile beneath the water, would be plugged. ‘The scenario is a very grave scenario. You're looking at potentially 90 days before you ultimately get to what is the ultimate solution’, said Salazar.”
— By AP, 05/02/10
I dunno, I dunno. You just can't be too emphatic in making emphatic statements. This scenario that is a grave scenario has the potential of potentially lasting 90 (ninety) days (and nights) before there is ultimately an ultimate solving of an ultimate solution. How much graver can such a gravity get?

I am sure that if George W. Bush were still President, his clumsy statement would have grossly underestimated the redundancy of this scenario.

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