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Monday, May 31, 2010

Playing for Keeps

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“Peaceful Flotilla Activist preparing to greet IDF soldiers” [facetious pic-caption]
— Theo Spark, 31 MAY 2010
I think the situation around Israel has become dire. I also attribute most of the blame to The Obama Himself. His antagonistic posture towards Israel and His corresponding posture-of-appeasement toward Israel's mortal enemies, including, but not limited to Iran, Syria, and Hamas, has emboldened these terrorist regimes to probe the extent of Israel's willingness to survive annihilation.

Israel will defend itself even unto its own demise as a sovereign nation. And the only thing they can do to stave off that ultimate catastrophe, for all of Western civilization in fact, is to cling to mutual assured destruction (MAD), the same strategy that prevented a nuclear exchange between America and the Soviet Union for the better part of half a century. Israel can not, however, much as it might like to be able to do, prevent Iran and the rest of that pack of jackals from committing national suicide in the process of destroying Israel. The only thing Israel can do is make sure, to the best of its ability, that its enemies understand they will be utterly demolished if they launch a war of annihilation.

The problem, of course, is that Israel's enemies glorify death, and so they just may be insane enough to accept the risk of complete destruction of their own people, in order to destroy the land of the people they despise — Jews. And most of the Europeans, who also adopt, aid, and abet Jew-hatred as a matter of course and of habit, are encouraging the psychos surrounding Israel.

Up until the last Presidential election, the only power that was convincing enough for Iran and the others, that they can not survive a doomsday exchange with Israel, was the assurance of the United States, which lent that last bit of credence to an all-out retaliation by Israel in the event. But the advent of The Obama Himself, and His godforsaken strategy of appeasement of human detritus the world over, the likes of which would have made Neville Chamberlain cringe, has given Iran and the other murderous bastards the green light to rethink the hitherto unthinkable.

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“In a rare public expression of concern, Meir Dagan, head of Israel's Mossad, warned Tuesday, June 1, that the progressive decline of American strength over the past decade and the perception of the Obama administration as "soft on military options for solving disputes" have cut deep into Israel's military and diplomatic maneuverability and made it fair game for its enemies. Barack Obama has not given up on an imposed peace solution - or radically amended his attitude toward Israel.”
— DEBKAfile Special Report June 1, 2010
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