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Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Dean from Hell State

Like Unwashed Hair                          h/t Theo
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“How does our tenure with Obama as dean end? I have no idea other than I think at some point Obama’s untruths, hypocrisies, and contradictions will, in their totality, finally remind the voter that he is a citizen and not a student. After all, America is not a campus. It has real jobs that are not lifelong sinecures. Americans work summers. There are consequences when rhetoric does not match reality. Outside of Harvard or Columbia, debt has to be paid back and is not called stimulus. We worry about jobs lost, not those in theory created or saved. We don’t blame predecessors for our own ongoing failures. Those who try to kill us are enemies, whose particular grievances we don’t care much to know about. Diversity is lived rather than professed; temporizing is not seen as reflection, but weakness. And something not true is not a mere competing narrative, but a flat-out lie.”
— Victor Davis Hanson, May 15th, 2010 (Works and Days)
He lies.

You want a second opinion? He flat-out lies.

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