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Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's. A. Scam!

"I was just keeeedding!"      h/t Theo

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“After more than a year, US president Barack Obama has suddenly stepped back form his icy treatment of Israel and its prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, DEBKAfile's Washington sources report. In an effort to make amends, he sent his top advisers, including his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, with a public apology (of a kind) to leading American rabbis. […] Political and Jewish circles see the change as an attempt to win back Jewish voter support for the Democrats, eroded over the downturn in US-Israel relations, for the forthcoming midterm elections. […] Obama's new look on Israel was manifested in the words of Rahm Emanuel, when he met a carefully selected group of 15 rabbis from across the United States.” [emphasis added]
— DEBKAfile Exclusive Report May 16, 2010
Maybe some political circles can see this change for the transparently cynical ploy that it is to win back Jewish voter support in the upcoming midterm elections. But I doubt a bunch of "carefully selected" American rabbis can see anything of the sort. What part of "carefully selected" don't you understand?

Rahm Emanuel is a self-loathing Jew, and he's a Chicago-bred scumbag just like his boss. These guys are in campaign mode 24/7, and their Kool-Aid dispensers are always at the ready. It is no secret that 74% of Jewish Americans are liberals, and they just can't get enough Kool-Aid no matter how much of it they guzzle. "Oh, thank you Mr. Emanuel; may we have another sip?"

"New leaf", my ass. Its expiration date is the day after the election. Stupid pieces of shit. They never learn.

It's. A. Scam! I can't say it any slower.

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