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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For the Duration

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“These true believers, then, don’t really care that the blue dogs (if such really exist) bite the dust in 2010, if Harry Reid goes up in smoke, or indeed, if Barack Obama is reelected. Instead, they will institutionalize an agenda that will affect America for generations, move it sharply to the left, and earn a spot in the academic pantheon of American heroes. Asking why would Obama & Co. be so self-destructive to push through an array of proposals that have no more than 45% of the public’s support is like asking whether the English Prof who teaches incomprehensible Foucauldian theory worries whether he has only 2 students, or whether the well-off union boss is all that upset that membership has sunk to 30% of the workforce, or multimillion-dollar-earning Sarah-Palin-interviewing Katie Couric is worried about her sinking ratings, or whether the New York Times columnists are upset that their mother paper is broke, subscription and readership down, and laying off thousands of blue-collar employees. Instead, for the true believer, it is all about the self, and the sense of the self — and damn all other considerations. (We saw that with Jimmy Carter as well; that he destroyed liberal Democrat politics for a generation meant nothing; that he won prizes and jet-setted the world for thirty years meant everything). For these people, it is always about them — all the time. Let us eat cake as they end up liberal icons for the duration.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Victor Davis Hanson, December 23rd, 2009’
I would gladly accept their iconic liberal-status for the duration, if I could be confident that they will rot in hell for eternity.

h/t Theo

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