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Monday, September 7, 2009

Fatal Attraction to Moore's Validation

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“Agitator supreme Michael Moore is back with a new target — and this time he wants the world to rebel against it. [...] Moore is adamant that capitalism is not the way forward, but struggles to offer a real alternative for how the economy could be run, or a way to convince people they do not need so much money to buy ‘stuff’.”
— By Keily Oakes, Entertainment reporter, BBC News, at the Venice Film Festival
Today in the entertainment tabs of the online news services appear many entries on Michael Moore's new movie, Capitalism: A Love Story. Moore seems to think he's practicing political economics or social activism, yet his work is often characterized as entertainment.

Moore's not exactly Adam Smith or Karl Marx. He doesn't have the intellect to analyse the problems of wealth distribution and social justice in sophisticated or interesting ways. He's an agitator of people, the heir to a long tradition of propaganda, the agitprop prince.

Why do people believe that he speaks the truth? There are certainly myriad reasons. But if we were to distill the mixture down to its essence, we're likely to find that people who have strong party and class affiliations, or who have an entrenched and simplex vision of political economics, fundamentally want to be right more than anything else. The Michael Moores of the world make such people feel like they're right.

How can anyone not believe someone who tells them they're right?

Post #919 Fatal Attraction to Moore's Validation

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