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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tyranny At Hand

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“A USA-Today-Gallup poll found that nine of the last eleven Presidents were more popular than President Obama after six months in office. A Rasmussen poll found the President's approval rating below 50%, with more people strongly disapproving than strongly approving of the President. While the national media eagerly touted the President's approval rating when it was higher, most news outlets have ignored the President's recent slide. The reason the President's approval numbers are sagging is that more and more Americans disagree with him on the issues. [...] During a prime-time press conference last week, President Obama claimed his health care plan was ‘deficit neutral’. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office strongly disagrees, finding that the legislation would increase the deficit by $239 billion over ten years. But not one reporter questioned the President about the CBO's findings.” [emphasis added]
— By REP. LAMAR SMITH | Posted Tuesday, August 04, 2009
Decline and Fall of the United States Federal Government
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Along with the decline and fall of the quality of our Federal officials in all three branches of government, we are also witnessing a complete dereliction of duty by the fawning Fourth Estate. Their lapdog-like tingly adulation of The Obama is the apotheosis of biased "reporting".

So, where does that leave us as a Nation? I submit that with all four branches of government (including the media), we are left in a perfect storm of unchecked tyranny of the leftist majority. And this tyranny, which is precisely what the Founding Fathers sought to counter with the Bill of Rights, is not a good thing, not even for the leftists among us.

Our Bill of Rights comprises the First Ten Amendments to the Constitution. But Amendments can be, and have been, repealed (cf., the Twenty-first Amendment). With super majorities in Congress, and The Obama's likely Supreme-Court packing a la FDR with leftist-like social engineers, even the leftists will learn to regret when they get exactly what they wished for — no, not free lunch; free nothing.

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