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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Merciless Buffoonery

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“We will mercilessly and resolutely counter the enemy's sanctions with retaliation, its all-out war with all-out war”, Kim told the meeting. “We will deal unimaginably deadly blows at the U.S. imperialists and the South Korean puppets if they ignite a war, obsessed with a foolish ambition.”
— Associated Press
That's it. This time they've crossed the line into unimaginative buffoonery. This unimaginative volition into Gobbledygook is an unimaginative volition of all pretensions to mercilessness and puppetry. The merciless deadliness of imaginariness and blowing smokiness, not to mention the deadly mercilessness of smoking dopiness, will not stand. Now hear this: We will unreasonably and with all due willingness, unforeseen by all the puppetry of former merciless stupidity, proceed with abandon, albeit cautiously and resolutely. The deadly mercilessness will be blown into the far winds of glory, whilst we abandon restraints that have handcuffed the unimaginatively gross puppetry of clowning buffoonery and sleepiness.

You catchy my draftiness?

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