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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Don't confuse me with your facts!

Pray tell, what is the point of all the contradictory "findings" on any issue confronting the electorate? Unless they are the findings of board-certified saints, no findings known to politically-motivated man are worth the paper that Al Gore's credentials are printed on. And that is a fact you can believe in.

From the dawn of human deceitfulness, man has perfected the talent to produce "un-biased" findings to support any position on any topic, even those that are prima facie self-contradictory. The amount of time and effort that is spent on concocting, distilling, promulgating, proselytizing, and perpetrating such self-serving findings, if spent productively, would undoubtedly have eliminated the national debt by now.

Whenever I see a segment on some news-commentary program that pits two opponents on some political issue against one another, I know they are both armed with incontrovertible evidence that their opponent is full of sh*t. And I also know that they are both right in that regard, and that regard only.

Please, don't confuse me with your facts. You wouldn't know a fact if it fact you in the ass.

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