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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What part of "illegal" ... ? Redux

No sooner did Spitzer recover, albeit disingenuously, than more insanity comes creeping out of the woodwork. A New York Congressman appeared on TV today lamenting Spitzer's withdrawal of his insane proposal based on (are you ready for this) the fact that the illegals are already here! This is known in the French Law School for the Perpetually Perplexed as the Fait Accompli Defense. In colloquial English the French expression translates to "done deed" and this "defense" argues that a done deed is presumed irreversible, hence the only remedy available is to legitimize the deed!

Would someone please tell me in what universe of jurisprudence does this approach make sense? A crime has been committed (illegal immigration) so the only thing to do is to decriminalize and legitimize it? Make the crime disappear by ex post facto re-definition? Because that is the path of least resistance?

Break me a f*cking give. What part of illegal don't these people understand? I ask you. I'm not trying to beat a dead horse. I'm trying to have a horse put out of its misery. But the insane liberal left won't let it die. They shoot horses, don't they? What about those having negative IQ (a euphemism for "f*cking idiots)?

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