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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Where's the nuance?

Ironically, "fake news" is itself a fake epithet, because it is not a binary concept. Despite the black and white origins of mainstream media, the world we live in has always been revealed to us in a spectrum of colors. In reportage, such a spectrum should be provided by nuance. Hence, "fake news" is not entirely fake, in that there is usually (though not always) a smattering of truth to it, although whatever truth factor exists is often slathered by hyperbole.

Unfortunately, nuance in global "news" reportage is rapidly vanishing. It is being subsumed by hyperbole. There are no longer any comparatives; everything is superlative: all/none; best/worst; black/white; biggest/smallest; darkest/brightest. Where's the nuance?

Just a few examples from recent headlines:
Apparently, according to today's news reportage, we don't need no stinkin' nuance. I beg to differ. Without nuance, it's not news. It's just propaganda.

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