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Monday, July 4, 2016

MJ Returns!

"[Golden State] wouldn't be a Dream Team without Big Mike."

In the wake of Kevin Durant's announcement that he has signed with the Golden State Warriors, the great Michael Jordan made a stunning announcement of his own — he is coming out of retirement for a nominal "one-dollar-per-year" contract to play on this Warriors team, too. When questioned by reporters about the sanity of such a masterful stroke of one-upmanship he replied, "It wouldn't be a Dream Team without Big Mike". Yes, MJ refers to himself in the third person, just as Gen. Douglas MacArthur did. "Besides," he continued, "I don't need the money, and LeBron needs a lesson in humility. And Big Mike is the only man qualified to give LeBron such a lesson."

With the consensus all-time greatest player in this galaxy [we have no way of knowing if other galaxies in the universe include NBA-caliber basketball players] MJ will complete a novel evolution for the starting lineup: (1) Stephen Curry (point guard); (2) Klay Thompson (shooting guard); (3) Michael Jordan (point forward); (4) Kevin Durant (shooting forward); and (5) Draymond Green (power forward). That's right — from now on, all other teams will have to adapt to guarding two guards and three forwards, including one hall of famer and four futures.

I think the Association's Championship will not be in doubt for the foreseeable future.

Post 3,020 MJ Returns!

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