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Friday, June 1, 2012

How do you know if you ran through a wall?

המודל הסטנדרטי
המודל הסטנדרטי (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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“Stable domain walls of light (pseudo)scalar fields permeating the entire Universe and persisting to the present epoch is a generic consequence of many extensions to the Standard Model. Currently the combination of gravitational and cosmological constraints provides the best limits on such a possibility. We show that if domain walls are generated by an axion-like field with a coupling to the spins of standard-model particles, and the galactic environment contains a network of such walls, terrestrial experiments aimed at detection of wall-crossing events are realistic.”
— M. Pospelov, et al., Submitted on 29 May 2012 (

I dunno — the concussion might be your first clue?

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