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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It sucks to be you …

Rolex Yachtmaster
Rolex Yachtmaster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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“[…] I know, I know: You still hate our hypothetical rich turd because he has a lot of toys, and lots of control over how his money is used. And every time he buys a Rolex instead of feeding a homeless family, he's not exactly walking with the saints. That's what society teaches us to think. I prefer to divide the world into two groups: People who are trying, and people who aren't. I respect anyone who is making a constructive effort to improve any part of the world, including his or her own little piece. When people apply effort, wealth is mostly a result of luck, in terms of genetics, geography, or timing. I don't begrudge anyone their luck.” [emphasis added]
— Scott Adams, 04/25/2012 (

We have all heard the type of bon mot that begins with, "There are two kinds of people in this world", for which one classic punchline is, "The Irish and those who wish they were." Well I've just coined another: There are two kinds of people in this world; those who are acquainted with personal accountability, and the "Occupy Whatever" free-lunchers.

The Obama-worshiping crowd are largely unfamiliar with personal accountability. This is what Obama exploits in his perpetual grasping for power and adulation. I don't mind telling you that it disgusts me. This political exploitation of such base human failings is many things; but, most egregiously, it is un-American.

Here are some of the self-serving slogans that the free-lunchers use as mantras:
  • It's not fair! [Define "fair".]
  • The Constitution guarantees it. [False. It guarantees "opportunity", not "results".]
  • I'm entitled to it. [Other than your own bad choices, you are entitled to nothing that either you or your guardian didn't earn.]
  • But, I want some, too. [Get one of those jobs Obama keeps touting, mofo.]
  • But, I am a single mom with 7 mouths to feed. [Got condom? How 'bawt an aspirin (to place between your knees and hold it)?]
  • Gimme, buy me, take me, show me ... [Obama's your daddy, but he's MIA.]
  • Blah, blah, blah ... [It sucks to be you.]

What do all the free-lunch Obama supporters want (besides "more")? Ironically, they want exactly what people who have personal accountability want — they want to enjoy the fruits of their labors. The catch is that both groups want the same fruits, namely, the fruits of the labors of people who are personally accountable.

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