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Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Foregone Convulsion

Barack Obama delivers a speech at the Universi...
Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Simply Stultifying

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Our Modern Lynch Mob
“Democracies are in general prone to fits of the mob. […] Fear of democratically sanctioned madness is why the Founders came up not just with classical tripartite government to check and limit power between the judicial, legislative, and executive branches, but also now generally disdained notions of allowing states to impose property qualifications for voting, the Electoral College, two senators guaranteed per state regardless of population, and senators originally selected without direct votes. […] Candidate Barack Obama both benefited from and whipped up the venom, only as president to embrace or expand all of what he had once so vehemently denounced. He soon became predator-in-chief, increasing targeted assassinations eightfold, as he joked about them being unleashed at any potential suitors of Malia and Sasha. […] The role of a president is to rein in the mob, not to unleash it. The latter is what community organizers do; the former is what makes statesmen. Yet on issue after issue — anti-terrorism, global warming, government ethics, and racial relations — a frenzied mob, egged on by the media and demagogues like Barack Obama, have almost stormed the jail, only to dissipate when met by either evidence, or the knowledge that the incarcerated was one of their own — as if they had never screamed and threatened in the first place.”
— Victor Davis Hanson, March 25, 2012 (

The most galling aspect of the Obama administration is not its hypocrisy, as is usually assumed by rational people, but rather the transparency of its hypocrisy. In an advanced society where the vast majority has become accustomed to a lifestyle that, in the not too distant past, was reserved for the privileged few, one would think that the crass excesses of Obama et al. in their words, actions, inactions, and behavior would be condemned, or at the very least noticed. But one would be wrong, for we seem to be headed for a second super-sized serving of it. The sheer inanity of it is breathtaking.

There is nothing for it but to hunker down and marvel at the specter of the once-greatest nation on earth committing hara-kiri en masse. The only saving grace, if any, is that those who will suffer first and most will be the Obama supporters, who are either too proud or too stubborn to comprehend the wages of their stupidity — the relatively-speaking poor who will, in this instance, richly deserve it.

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