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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

As if classical chaos wasn't chaotic enough …

Quantum chaos is the field of physics attempti...
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Quantum Chaos to the Rescue?

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“Their discussion focuses on the weird phenomenon, even by quantum standards, of quantum chaos, in which small changes to a quantum system can have a huge influence on its evolution, just as in classical chaotic systems. When a system changes from being merely quantum to being quantum chaotic, it passes through a kind of phase transition. […] And in these conditions, quantum coherence suddenly changes from the fragile, blink-and-you-miss-it regime to a much more robust long-lived phenomenon. […] That's an interesting mechanism that, if verified experimentally, could have an important impact on quantum engineering. The critical transition that Kauffman and co talk about is also known as the the metal-to-insulator transition, which allows the transport of quantum information and energy. If that can be made to work at room temperature, as Kauffman and co suggest, all kinds of new quantum devices may be possible. 'The results may open up new possibilities to design low loss energy and information transport systems', they say.”
— Ref: Quantum Biology On The Edge Of Quantum Chaos

We are in a race to a singularity. But the nature of the singularity that we will reach first is, unfortunately, not at all clear — it's obscured by chaos.

Will we have time to exploit quantum chaos and ultimately benefit from technological advances, the likes of which can barely be imagined? Or will the chaos of Iran's theocracy, the Left's idiocracy, and Obama's narcissism lead us first to Armageddon?

Interesting times, dude. Interesting times ...

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