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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Duplicity of Leftist Cynics

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The Left comprises a whole kennel of mongrels. You have your naive idealistic youth; your self-hating neurotics; your ignoramuses; your useful idiots; and your duplicitous cynics. You also have an assortment of Chicago-style thugs, but that's a whole 'nother topic.

The most despicable of this lot are the duplicitous cynics. This variety of Leftist publicly advocates destructive Leftist policy in the hope that useful idiots will glorify them, all the while either knowing they are well-protected from any adverse effects of the policy they advocate, or convinced that the policy has little chance of implementation.

Consider, for example, the recently reported opinion of Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest persons in the world (ranked #3), wherein this multibillionaire advocated a higher tax-rate on the wealthiest earners, of which he is among the wealthiest. Wow, what a magnanimous gesture!

Not even, dude. As has been widely noted, you could raise the rate to 100% on everyone's taxable income and it wouldn't make a dent in our monstrous debt. Mr. Buffet didn't attain his unseemly-vast fortune by being stupid, so he surely knows all this. Then what's his motive?

I suspect Mr. Buffet's motive is self-serving cynicism. Once you've amassed more wealth than you could use in a dozen lifetimes (likely many more), the only thing left to attain is power and/or glory. For a gentleman of Buffet's age, power is probably less appealing than everlasting glory, so he is hoping to win the love and admiration of his useful-idiot Leftist colleagues.

Buffet probably has an army of accountants to diminish his taxable earnings to the point of insignificance, no matter what rate can plausibly be enacted into law. His seeming magnanimity is completely bogus. If he wanted to make a sincere gesture of magnanimity, all he had to do is write a large check, payable to the United States Treasury. There is nothing stopping anyone from doing so, as long as the amount of the check doesn't cause it to bounce.

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