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Saturday, December 17, 2011

To hell and NOT back

["To Hell and Back" is the war memoir of Audie Murphy, most decorated American soldier of World War II.]

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“ […] One of the key tenets of activist government is that the failures of central planning can always be solved with more central planning, just as failed spending programs can be fixed with more spending. All it takes is the will to reallocate resources from the private sector to the state, along with the courage to forge ahead no matter how many failures pile up. President Obama has made this approach the centerpiece of his “We Can’t Wait” campaign, issuing a stream of executive orders to demonstrate his leadership abilities. Leadership, indeed. But to where?” [emphasis added]
— Bill Frezza, 11/29/2011 (

Leadership to where? Undoubtedly to hell and not back! What a revolting development the so-called "Obama experiment" has led to. This great hope of the insufferable left has left: our economy in shambles; our citizenry polarized; our enemies emboldened; our allies abandoned; and the fabric of our great nation distressed. Obama is the Anti-President, and the left clings to him come hell or high water. So much for slowing the rise of the sea levels.

Obama's activist administration (i.e., industrial strength social-engineering via confiscatory and re-distributive fiscal policy) has bludgeoned an already weak economy into near-death. His immoral boot-licking of petty autocratic scumbags has emboldened, rather than given pause, to the likes of Iran's I'madinnerjacket. His rudeness towards America's few remaining loyal allies has bewildered and angered most political opponents, who had initially given him the benefit of the doubt. And what has he deigned to show for all that? Why the bravery of our Navy Seals, who managed to kill the biggest scumbag of the new century, despite the short shrift given our armed forces by our Commander-(from the rear)-in-Chief.

I still have faith in the yeoman core of America's can-do spirit. I believe the left's days of self-destructive activity are numbered. Hopefully, a year from now, we will be looking forward to a new chapter in the history of humanity's last best hope, as we finally douse this blighted experiment in irrational exuberance.

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