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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unification At Last!

From the ridiculous to the sublime

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“Just yesterday, Barack Obama asserted that Martin Luther King, Jr would have supported the Occupy Movement. […] In its statement on Sunday, the Westland, Mich.-based Nazi party wrote that the Occupy Wall Street protests are “TAYLOR [sic] MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN [White Nationalists] who are serious about DOING SOMETHING.” […] Occupy Los Angeles protester: “Patricia McAllister, I’m here representing myself but I do work for the Los Angeles Unified School District. I think that the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve — which is not run by the federal government — they need to be run out of this country.” […] Now the White House has apparently decided to align itself with Communists and Nazis, at least for the political benefit: President Obama and his team have decided to turn public anger at Wall Street into a central tenet of their reelection strategy.”

Being of a certain age I have seen some crazy shit in my day. And every time I have thought that I had seen the limit, I have been surprised to see that limit exceeded.

There is no accounting for the inventiveness of the no-accounts when it comes to demonstrable and/or willful ignorance. The envelope of our social contract appears to have unbounded elasticity, which in the latest stretch permits public defecation on municipal property, documented and made publicly available on the web, but not prosecuted. Perhaps this latest flaunting of rudimentary public decency is just the latest offering at the alter of political correctness. Perhaps the defecating ass-hole was subjected to harsh toilet-training when he was a younger child. Perhaps his training wasn't harsh enough. Who can say?

Hopey-dopey, mofo. Yes we can!

Post 1,720 Unification At Last!

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