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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Home on the Rage

Where the dear ignoramuses play …

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“In sum, there is panic. Obamacare, near-zero interest rates, more environmental and fiscal regulations, government take-overs, bailouts, and stimulus, nearly $5 trillion in debt, $1.6 trillion in annual deficits, vast increases in food stamps and unemployment insurance, and hectoring the private sector—all that and more did not restore prosperity. […] All Obama in 2012 is left with is the old trifecta of ‘Bush did it’, ‘they’ will cut your Social Security, and a subtle racism fuels all opposition. […] Instead, we are left with an energy-poor country sitting on energy riches, a moribund economy with millions in the private sector piling up cash rather than investing or hiring, and cohorts of young, flat-broke, indebted, and politically prepped but poorly schooled students wondering where is the good life and why does a Wall Street fixer, or computer nerd, or company man civil engineer make so much more than they, the anointed, do?”
— October 23, 2011 - by Victor Davis Hanson (

That so-called "writing on the wall" is not all it's cracked up to be. It has stood for whatever should be obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense. Unfortunately, our disaffected (but not disinfected, unfortunately) youth, having paid for (with their parents' money or via huge sums of personal debt) degrees that aren't worth the paper they're printed on, can't even read with comprehension that proverbial writing on the wall. So they do what they used to do in college when confronted with assignments deemed too difficult and/or too boring to deal with — they "party!"

Back in the day, the college kids of my generation also "partied", though the expression we used was "panty raid". Moreover, though such group activity did tend to get rowdy, we ordinarily confined our exuberance to the vicinity of the girls' dorms. As you can surmise, "back in the day" for me means before co-gender dorms and before the dumbing-down of college degrees to the level previously occupied by high-school diplomas, being mindful that a high-school diploma was then, as it still is now, essentially free of charge.

So what is it that the OWS crowd doesn't get? In essence, they, and as a consequence their parents and other creditors, have been had. And what is worse, they don't even understand that they've been had, because they simply haven't had the type of education that would enable them to think and figure things out for themselves. They have paid enormous fees for the privilege of being treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark about how the real world works and fed bullshit courses like "Black, Latino, gender, green, film, gay, peace, or leisure studies", all marinated in leftist propaganda by the overwhelmingly "progressive" university staff.

So these losers, not that it's all their own fault, though losers they are, nevertheless, party/rage against "those" who committed them to an adulthood without the necessary skills to make a go of it in our twenty-first century socioeconomic environment. And when the harsher seasonal weather sets in, they will have to find a more comfortable venue for expressing their grievances. For the time being, it will most likely be in their parents' basements. And what then? Well, then, there is always more hopey-dopey, mofo.

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