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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Unbearable Enormity of Being

Cartoon Round Up (Image via Theo)

For real?

Related source » Fan forgoes payday to present ball to Jeter
[This related source is recommended in its entirety.]

“NEW YORK – In that moment after he grabbed Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit ball in his hand, tucking it inside his defensive lineman’s body and diving down to avoid the reaching hands of fans around him, security guards were leading Christian Lopez and his father Raul up the stairs toward the stadium security office.
“What do you want for the ball?” the stadium security man asked.
“I just want to give it to Jeter,” Lopez said. […]
Who knows how much the ball would have been worth. Early estimates had it going for anywhere from $250,000 to $400,000. No one will ever find out for sure. […]
[Tara Johnson] wouldn’t second-guess her boyfriend’s decision to forgo hundreds of thousands of dollars even as she did give a small grimace. “Well he does have student loans,” she said. Then she smiled. “He did the right thing,” she said.” [emphasis added]
— By Les Carpenter, Yahoo! Sports (07/09/11)

Really? He did the right thing? Let's consider the enormity of this young man's largess.

The average household's annual income in the United States is $50,000. Let's make the very liberal assumption that this young man saves 10% annually for his retirement ($5,000). At this rate, it would take him 50 years to save up $250,000. On this basis, the young man gave Derek Jeter (who is a very wealthy man) more than the equivalent of an average American's lifetime-savings, for the privilege of experiencing what could well be described as 15 minutes of fame. Moreover, his girlfriend, after a cursory moment of soul-searching, agreed that he did the right thing!

I submit that this anecdotal slice of Americana exemplifies the utter demolition by the progressive left of not only common sense but also the ability to put things in perspective and thereby the ability to make rational life-altering decisions, especially among the young. What we have witnessed here is, arguably, a monstrous miscarriage of rational behavior masquerading as a "feel good" media event. And, in a larger sense, we have been presented with an archetypal example of the dumbing-down of America.

We have the leftist worldview to thank for this. From the "pinnacle" (excuse the expression) of the Administration on down through the liberal half of Congress and the Supreme Court, to the mass idolatry of entertainment idiots, the greed of unionized education systems, to the advocacy by our mass media of the cult of personality, we are grooming a gene-pool of leaders who conflate grossly-misguided extravagance with rectitude.

For goodness' sake, can we please just stop and think what we are doing to our Nation's future?

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  1. That boy's obviously no relation to the Scots-Irish McDucks. They say copper wire was invented by two Scotsmen fighting over a penny.

    His girlfriend should dump him immediately before he ruins her life.