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Friday, October 29, 2010

Enquiring minds want to know: What would Whoopi and Joy do?

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“President Barack Obama, in a special statement Saturday, Oct. 29, dismissed speculation of an Al Qaeda dry run and disclosed "a credible terrorist threat to the United States" by means of two packages containing explosives originating with al Qaeda in Yemen and planted on UPS and Fedex cargo flights bound for the US. Obama disclosed that two Jewish places of worship in Chicago were among the targets of the package plot.”
— DEBKAfile Special Report October 29, 2010 (
By now it is common knowledge how the two clowns, Whoopi and Joy from The View, reacted when their guest Bill O'Reilly had the temerity to say on their show that the atrocities of 9/11 were perpetrated by Muslims, which is very well established, albeit not universally accepted. The self-righteous clowns made a hyper-dramatic show of indignation as they stormed of the stage on which they had been the designated hosts.

Well! Did you evah?!

What do you suppose they would have done if The Obama Himself had made today's announcement on the same TV program? Would the clowns be indignant that Obama implicitly attributed Jew-hatred to Al Queda, that poor misunderstood Islamic-terrorist organization? Would they have stormed off the stage with their patented show of indignation at Obama's insult of the terrorists' right to hate whomever they choose to hate? After all, terrorists are people too. They have rights, n'est pas?

I think for the sake of consistency and even-handedness in all situations, political correctness demands that the clowns publicly appeal to their beloved leader-in-chief that he retract that part about "synagogues". Suffice it to say that houses of worship were targeted. There is no need to be specific about the particular religion practiced in those houses of worship.

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