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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Putting On a Charade

“Make no mistake ...”
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“The flap about General Stanley McChrystal's "resignation" was nobody's finest hour. But there are some painful lessons in all this that go beyond any of the individuals involved […] What is even more important is the national security of this country. […] But the worst aspect of the national security policy of this administration is its clear intention to do nothing that has any realistic chance of stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons. This may be the most grossly irresponsible policy in all of history, because it can leave this generation-- and future generations-- of Americans at the mercy of terrorists who have no mercy and who cannot be deterred, as the Soviet Union was deterred. All the current political theater about "international sanctions" is unlikely to make the slightest difference to Iran. Nor is the administration itself likely to expect it to. What then is its purpose? To fool the American people into thinking that they are doing something serious when all that they are doing is putting on a charade by lining up countries to agree to actions that they all know will not have any real effect.” [emphasis added]
— Thomas Sowell, 6/23/2010 (Townhall)
Once again Dr. Sowell cuts to the chase. While the masses are mesmerized by the actions of the ephemeral characters in the current mini-series, the big back-story charade proceeds unabated and inexorably.

The calamity of our era is unfolding on the world stage for everyone to see — Iran's fanatic death-worshipers are racing to the finish line of nuclear armament. And the only power able to stop them is in the hands of The Won Who Refuses to See. And those who can and do see are powerless to make iPOTUS listen to reason. He reasons to the tune of a different drummer, one with no sense of rhythm, rhyme, or reason, as the latter is understood by mere mortals.

And the beat charade goes on ...

Bee Gees - Charade

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