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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Juice with Clues

With Jew-hatred sweeping the world, again, we ponder why the Jews are hated so. Arguably, it is because, no matter what they attempt to engage, say, or do, they excel.

Other people just hate that, you know?

Thou Shalt Excel!
CategoryJews Who Excelled
Deification and SavingJesus Christ [They basically own this category.]
Prophecy and InvestingMoses [Whereas Jesus saves, Moses invests.]
Self LoathingNoam Chomsky; Rahm Emanuel; Barney Frank; others
Self HatredBobby Fischer; Imadinnerjacket (supposedly)
GeniusAlbert Einstein
PhysicsRobert Oppenheimer; Enrico Fermi (by inverse injection);
I. I. Rabi; Wolfgang Pauli; many others
BasketballJon Scheyer (Duke NCAA Champs, 2010)
BaseballHank Greenberg; Sandy Koufax
EconomicsThey own this category.
FinanceIt's money, right?
Ponzi SchemeBernie Madoff (Money? Hello?)
Supreme CourtLouis Brandeis; others
MathematicsLet's see now, who is clever with numbers ... ?
MilitarySamson; King David; Moshe Dayan;
Ariel Sharon; Yohanatan Netanyahu; others
Blond BombshellMarilyn Monroe (by injection)
Brunette BombshellElizabeth Taylor (by injection; twice)
Entertaining (while Black)Sammy Davis, Jr.
Self-deprecating ComedyThey own this category.
Classical MusiciansThey own this category.
Science FictionIsaac Asimov
Fictionvery long list
Literary CriticsHarold Bloom
Criticsevery one of them
Medical DoctorsEvery Jewish grandmother has at least three.

Andrew Klavan, Fun With Anti-Semitism (Jun. 3, 2010)

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  1. Just a few more...

    Cognitive Psychologists: King Solomon, Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky

    Human Rights: Natan Sharansky

    Chess: Kasparov, Lasker

    Telepaths: Uri Geller

    Basic Erudite Loons: Sigmund Freud