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Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Overhauler-in-Chief

The Obama Himself has affirmed on national TV that He is "not an ideologue!" If the possibility of that affirmation were even remotely true, then I wouldn't be surprised to hear the Pope proclaim that he is not Catholic. Nor would it surprise me that a Mack truck passed through a 10'-thick wall of reinforced concrete completely unscathed. For, according to quantum mechanics, the probability of that happening is greater than zero, albeit vanishingly small.

Crap on Their Hands         h/t DBD

Be that as it may, the laws of ordinary common sense tell us that The Obama Himself is not only an ideologue, but He is also a grasping aggrandizer of power and adulation. Not for him the mere Presidential powers of Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, as well as chief executive officer of the Federal Government. After all, 43 others (counting Cleveland twice) and including Washington and Lincoln have been there, done that.

The Obama Himself must overhaul American systems, like our health-care system and our banking system, and every other system that must be overhauled to socialist standardizations, so he can become Commander-in-Chief of all humanity throughout the solar system.

Moreover, be advised that The Obama Himself is master of His bully pulpit, baiting any and all opponents within His reach. And His reach is equal to His grasping Self.

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