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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is this what you want?

First came the tyranny of the majority, and all I could do was speak out and vote against them. Alas, to no avail, for I was in the minority.

Speak Out Early — and Often
The Founding Fathers understood well the dangers of a tyrannical majority. This was why they were careful to configure the three Branches of the Federal Government with potent checks and balances. And this is also why they institutionalized the protections of a Bill of Rights as the inaugural ten Amendments to the Constitution.

And it was good for more than two centuries.

But then a smooth-talking poser came upon the scene who did not know the Founding Fathers nor much of America's history and its traditions, for it was quite possible that he was indeed a foreigner.

And the ignorant self-absorbed majority rejoiced, for He had promised them free lunch.

Then came the tyranny of the oligarchy, and all I could do was to speak out, at my considerable peril. But I could no longer vote against them, for they had abolished the right to vote.

The free-lunch majority voted-in a President, a Senate, and a House of Representatives, all of whom "knew" exactly what was good for us and, more importantly, for themselves. They knew they could bribe the self-absorbed free-lunchers with unsustainable entitlements, which, nevertheless, would not impact personally those who were in power.

And the happy morons continued to rejoice and party, for those who spoke out against such insanity were known (by them) to be racists, criminals, and "bordering on sedition".

And then the oligarchy contrived to institute an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens and bailed out all the financially corrupt and bankrupt unions, thereby assuring themselves of unassailable political power in perpetuity.

Finally came the tyranny of the dictatorship. And I could no longer speak out. For they had thrown me in jail, after cutting off my tongue.

Is this what you happy morons want for your children and their descendent's in perpetuity?

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