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Thursday, May 6, 2010

FDR Was Wrong

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“Faisal Shahzad, it should be noted, is not a member of the Tea Party. Nor, it appears, is he a "white man in his 40s", as early reports described a possible suspect. What he is, it seems, is a manifestation of the reality that the threat of terrorism has fallen far below the magnitude of anything that justifies a "war on terror".”
— Robert Dreyfuss, May 4, 2010 (The Nation)
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
In point of fact, what we really have to fear is preconceived notions religiously adhered to, misrepresentation of facts to support a nefarious agenda, and the inability or refusal to face reality.

The blathering and misdirection in the aftermath of the failed attempt to cause large-scale murder and mayhem in New York City's always-crowded Times Square is just the latest example in our society's struggle to survive the insidious behavior of our homegrown Ostrich-American demographic. I am neither qualified nor interested in divining their motivations, but I can observe along with most other Hyphenated-Americans that their interpretation of reality comprises a simple process of inversion: up is down; left is right; bad is good; ...

Their mothers never exposed them to the well-known fable "The Boy Who Cried Sheep".

What part of jihad don't you understand?         h/t Theo

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