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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Leftists Fear Electoral Repercussions over Tomorrow's Lunacies

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“There has been an extensive anti-backlash backlash, however, to the extent that even suggesting [that] Islamic extremism is a problem … has become the problem. I’m still waiting to hear the great outcry from Muslims, here and abroad, against the extremism [itself], rather than whining about fears of being targeted every time someone from within their midst kills a dozen or 3,000 Americans.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Jules Crittenden’
“The best leftist defense is preemptive whining.”
— ‘TheBigHenry’

“When you have nothing but a long list of talking points, jump the shark.”
— ‘TheBigHenry’
So, an American-born ethnic Palestinian U.S. Army Major, who claimed to be a Muslim first and an American second and who defended homicide bombing as analogous to sacrificing one's life to protect one's comrades in battle, shouts a jihad "God is great" in Arabic and proceeds to kill 12 unarmed American soldiers and to seriously wound 38 others, before being brought down by first responders.

And what is the left's primary concern? Fear of an anti-terrorist backlash from outraged Americans, who "no doubt" are the kind of conservatives you have to keep an eye on lest they try to frame the national debate in their favor.

The lunatic left that is currently in charge of our Federal government has, finally, no sense of decency left. None.

Post #992 Leftists Fear Electoral Repercussions over Tomorrow's Lunacies

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