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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Move It

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“So, fellow critics of Obama, what would we do instead? It is easy to harp, as Obama did in 2007-8, but hard to govern, as Obama learned in 2009. So for all the criticism, let us put up some sample proposals of our own.
Transfer the UN headquarters to an African or South American capital closer to the problems of hunger, disease, and poverty. I suggest either Lagos or Lima. Global elites could not walk from five-star hotels to the CBS studios to grandstand about US pathologies. But delegates could match their solidarity rhetoric by concretely living with the other. We would get away from the “U.S. did it”. UN forces could ring UN headquarters when a nearby Chavez or Mugabe was rumored to be saber-rattling and crossing borders. When the Kofi Annans of the world got upset stomachs from their luncheon salads, perhaps they could address world sanitation and government corruption rather than Israel.
— ‘Victor Davis Hanson, November 29, 2009’
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What would you do with the UN? > Move it to Baghdad.
— ‘TheBigHenry, February 29, 2008’
Since I last considered the "UN Question", I have thought of a few alternatives to my recommendation of February 2008:Post #1,022 Move It

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