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Friday, November 27, 2009

Expectations of Great White Sharking

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“I’m afraid the Obama administration is in serious danger of jumping the shark before the first year’s out. Between racking up a historic deficit on pork, dragging out a critical war decision for purposes of minor tinkering, insulting and alarming key allies, playing foot-in-mouth with street cops, watching major agenda items bog down despite one-party rule … how can he hope to top that season without resorting to cheap, obvious gimmicks?” [emphasis added]
— ‘Jules Crittenden’
Having already exceeded expectations for His audacity, it boggles the mind what The Obama can conjure up to jump the great white. Will The O'Fonzie exceed Madoff's ponzi? Will His Obamitude introduce $quadrillion into the vernacular? Will he require that all US Army war games be conducted with tinker toys? Will one-party rule become law? Will he appoint Michelle, Holder, and Biden to replace the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Will he jump a great white shark with a running start on water?

Post #1,019 Expectations of Great White Sharking

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