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Sunday, October 11, 2009

And the Sheep Will Beg for More

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From: Review Quotes

“Norman Podhoretz has written a characteristically vigorous and well-informed book about one of the most interesting and persistent questions in American politics. He gets right to the heart of the matter, and provides a convincing explanation of why American Jews tend to vote against their own interests, and those of Israel.”
— Paul Johnson, author of A History of the Jews and Modern Times

I have recently finished this book, but I must admit I still don't get it.

My parents were Holocaust survivors, and technically, so am I, albeit I was too young to have any memories of events prior to 1945. The great grandfather I was named after, all my grandparents, all except two of my uncles (my father's two older brothers), all my aunts, all my cousins (those born before 1945), and millions of other Jews were exterminated by the most rabid Jew-haters until recent times. I can not for the life of me understand how any American Jew can support a political ideology that aligns itself with today's Jew-haters and all those who would support and appease them.

Podhoretz posits that this bizarre advocacy is some sort of religious fanaticism stemming from the days when traditional liberalism (predating by many decades the contorted and perverted cult of today's leftist brand) was kind enough to extend to Jewish Americans a token of the right to pursue happiness, which the Constitution had already granted to all Americans.

Maybe so. But one would have to accept a number of premises for that to make sense, at least to me. For example, one would have to believe that a people, who managed to survive, by their wits alone, millennia of organized persecution, would not be able to distinguish between an advocacy that offered them a place at the table, from one that offers them a place under a bus.

I don't claim to understand, nor am I able to conjure an excuse for 76% of American Jews voting for Obama, a monolithic support only exceeded by the 92% support he drew from African Americans. But even more baffling for me is the tenacity of such Jewish support, after Obama's despicable (but not unforeseen; at least not by all) abandonment of Israel to Iran's zeal for its "eradication from the map". What sort of self-hatred can account for such willful abnegation of the obvious?

Today's leftists who call themselves liberals are a perversion of nomenclature. They are part of the larger global movement marching to the old tune known as "The Big Lie" — repeat something emphatically and often enough and you can make gold out of horseshit. And the sheep will beg for more.
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