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Friday, July 31, 2009


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“I believe that the world is inherently a very dangerous place, and that things that are now very good can go bad very quickly. [...] The gap between our civilization, our prosperity, our freedoms and all of those [bad] things is the quality of our leaders, the courage of our people, the willingness to face facts and the willingness to work for solutions.” [emphasis added]
— Newt Gingrich; as heard on NPR’s All Things Considered, June 27, 2005
Yes indeed, we need solutions in this problems-filled world. As Speaker Gingrich foresaw in 2005, so it continues today; with a vengeance.

So many problems. So little time -- and so little resources, which diminish at alarming rates that are accelerating. Anyone who makes a minimal attempt to keep abreast of developments, away from those at the American Idol studios, can only wonder how we can possibly attend to all the calamities advancing relentlessly towards us.

I know something about solving problems, having been engaged in technical problem-solving ever since mastering the multiplication table at age 5 or thereabouts. As I follow along with developments within our federal government, I am astounded by the complete disarray in Congress and in the White House. All of the chickens, without exception, have had their heads cut off and are acting accordingly.

These times of frenetic developments on multiple fronts require not only prioritization but triage. We can not address all of the problems confronting us. We lack the manpower consensus, the resources, and the National will. Hence, we must pare down the list to a manageable number of outstanding problems to be addressed. Instead, we have a leadership that is hell-bent on meeting head-on a host of complex national and international challenges, each of which has the capacity to ruin our economic engine, which would leave us defenseless against more deadly challenges waiting for signs of our succumbing to our ill-chosen futilities.

Once we have performed the necessary triage, we must prioritize the remaining list, with a focus on the inherent prerequisites and correlations between those major challenges before us. Everyone knows that our economic engine is our main resource, and, therefore, we mustn't embark on trillion-dollar experiments in social engineering; not now; not ever. Instead, that is precisely what our misguided Administration is intent on doing, come hell or high water.

But the economy is not even our number one priority. Nothing can take precedence over our national security. Somehow, this single constant over two centuries of anecdotal evidence has slipped from the forefront of our collective psyche. Obama thinks our national defense is safely ensconced in his handy rhetoric. Who needs F-22 fighters and anti-missile defense systems when The Obama has the world's scumbags in thrall to his melodious cacophony?

And the beat goes on ...

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