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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supreme Disingenuousness

Unlike Sonia Sotomayor, I speak for myself only. And I speak as an adult citizen of the United States of America with the First Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing my right to free speech, which includes my right to express my opinions without undue regard to others who might hold opposing opinions. The judge is, as is every other federal judge, speaking and ruling on matters of law that potentially affect all citizens of the Unites States. And when speaking under oath during her Senate confirmation hearings concerning her nomination to the highest court of the Nation, where Constitutional issues are decided as a matter of course, thereby potentially affecting even unborn generations of Americans, she is not at liberty to dissemble, under penalty of law.

I submit that the judge, if she is not actually resorting to dissembling before the Senate of the United States to account for her expressed and published personal views that are inimicable to the concept of blind justice, has been less than truthful, and she has been most definitely disingenuous in her clumsy attempts at defending her past statements. Her disingenuousness is palpable.

Ms. Sotomayor's conduct diminishes, in my view, the grandeur of the American system of justice and in so doing, diminishes the value of humanity's last best hope. Moreover, so does the Nominator-in-Chief and all of the other political hacks who support this mediocre nomination. I resent them for their callous disregard for America's reputation and the beauty of its grand ideals.

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