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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Only One Thing NOT Confusing About Health-Care Debate

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“With Congress dashing to overhaul a health care system representing 17% of the economy and affecting the life of every American man, woman and child, respondents to our latest IBD/TIPP Poll are far from a consensus on the path those reforms should take and clearly confused about the options before them.”
 — By RAGHAVAN MAYUR | Posted Friday, July 17, 2009

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The only thing about the current health-care debate that is not confusing is The Obaminator's urgency in demanding passage of a bill before the Congressional August recess. That part is crystal clear.

I generally don't like to weigh-in with my 2-cents-worth when everyone and his uncle is vying for attention, as with the cacophony of lame-claims and counter-claims reverberating throughout the land about a 17% chunk of the total economy. But unlike the vast devilry of detail surrounding such a massive undertaking (even by federal-government standards), one aspect of this thundering blundering is obvious: The Obaminator knows that his best shot at getting what he wants depends on Rahming it through Congress before anyone has had a chance to figure out the consequences, or even to read through this pending monstrosity.

People, let's just pause for a minute, shut the f*ck up, and think about what's going on here. We are bandying about trillions of tax-payer dollars as if they were last year's billions. Must I keep repeating that a trillion represents a thousand billion? These are unprecedented portions of our nation's total productivity. Does the magnitude of such sums not deserve at least as much scrutiny as Pelosi's unsubstantiated allegations against the Central Intelligence Agency, or the Minnesota Clown's antics during Supreme-Court confirmation hearings?

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