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Saturday, August 4, 2007

They Did Survive

They were newlyweds when driven from their home by the plague. For two and a half years they struggled for more life. Their struggle bore fruit in an unexpected way, and became more difficult after their son was born. Youthful naiveté, nature's gift of optimism, gave them the will to follow the example of their ancient Patriarch. They struggled for more life.

Their struggle lasted a decade. Though the plague had been eradicated four years before, the last weeks of their struggle were particularly harsh. And now they knew their personal Diaspora would last forever. They were heading for a new home.

At last, a miraculous pill, a gift from one of the American ship's officers, lifted their queasiness. And as the morning mist lifted in empathy, their miraculous day continued. The ship steamed into the harbor, welcomed by the grandest lady of all. It was the first of fifty celebrations of their personal Day of Liberty: October 24, 1949.

{A personal remembrance dedicated to Mary}

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