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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Regression to the Meaningless

AKA Reductio ad absurdum

Obama BidenImage by safoocat via Flickr
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[This related source is recommended in its entirety.]

“What kind of world do we want -- one in which everyone works to increase wealth to whatever extent they can, or a world in which everyone will be supported by either government handouts or private philanthropy, whether they work or don't work? It is not an abstract question. We can already see the consequences on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who have grown used to having others provide their food, shelter and other basics as "rights" are by no means grateful. On the contrary, they are more angry, lawless and violent than in years past, whether they are lower-class whites rioting in Britain or black "flash mobs" in America. Their histories are very different, but what they have in common is being supplied with a steady drumbeat of resentments against those who are better off. Politicians, intellectuals and whole armies of caretaker bureaucrats are among those who benefit, in one way or another, from picturing parasites as victims, and their lags behind the rest of society as reasons for anger rather than achievement. Leading people into the blind alley of dependency and grievances may be counterproductive for them but it can produce votes, money, power, fame and a sense of exaltation to others who portray themselves as friends of the downtrodden. Both private philanthropy and the taxpayers' money support this whole edifice of a make-believe world, where largesse replaces achievement and "rights" replace work.”
— Thomas Sowell, 9/6/2011 (

As an antidote to the nausea-inducing piece of mindless video-dreck (see my post titled "Capitalism Unwound", below) try the soothing sensible words of Thomas Sowell (above). Both the video-rant and the sensible words have been uttered by African Americans, so spare me the obligatory charges of racism. These two individuals share racial characteristics, but in the realm of cognition they are members of different species.

Somebody please give that America-hating woman ("Americans are mindless robots under capitalism") a ticket to Africa, where she claims she wouldn't have to work for food, clothing, shelter, land, and a 50" flat-screen TV ("Land is supposed to be free"). But if you do give her a ticket, make sure she uses it to leave this country that "enslaves her to a job". Otherwise, I have a sneaking suspicion she would find a way to cash it in for a trip to Disney's Fantasy World.

The Obama-Biden-Pelosi wing of leftist "progressives" have brought about some of the most florid idiocracy ever contrived in fact or fiction. This troika of so-called Congressional stalwarts have succeeded in regressing bat-shit crazy to meaningless dreck. It is a wonder to behold.

Post 1,700 Regression to the Meaningless

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  1. Very well put Henry. I like it. Hope you guys are doing well.